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Grow Your Plan with Meals plus Engagement

Increase member acquisition and retention while reducing medical costs.

Why It Is Easy For Members


Members discover the benefit through emails, texts, brochures and plan websites.


Members then enroll in a simple process via website or phone call.


Members order tasty, diabetic and cardio-metabolic meals with subscription options for ease of use and convenience.


Meals are delivered right to their doorstep within 2-3 days. No shopping or meal planning. Easy to heat using a microwave or oven

Healthy Meals Made Easy

Healthy, culturally relevant, and varied meals delivered straight to the door.

Friction-free Digital Engagement

Proven white labeled solution to engage and bring value to your members.

A Personal Concierge who will guide them through daily living, listen to their feedback and help them to successfully manage their health.

Timely tips for healthy eating at their fingertips via text message or email – personalized to their preferences and language.

A simple, electronic, real-time program for diabetic members.

Access to a digital library filled with health education resources with articles and videos.

Healthy Eating Score tool to track improvement through Made Easy Meals and behavior changes.

Healthrageous food, along with OTC herbs and vitamins keep us very conscious about our health. Our doctor is very happy with our progress on maintaining the sugar level.


Yes, I have lost a few pounds. Also, my diabetes and A1C went down so only 1 metformin per day now.



of members say their ability to manage their health has improved since joining the program

(n=640) questions fielded in Q2 2022


of members say this program makes them feel more supported by their health plan.

(n=81) questions fielded in Q2 2022

We generated 3X projected member engagement for a major MA plan. Let us show you how.

Proven Results

Our client MA plans have delivered exceptional ROI and engagement


Chose text for communications


Survey Response 34% on meal surveys


Feel more supported by their healthplan because of Made Easy Meals


Program retention

We generated 3X projected member engagement for a major MA plan. Let us show you how.


Reported improved ability to manage their health because of Made Easy Meals

Benefits To Your Plan

Medicare Advantage STAR Rating Experience Weight Rises 167%
Relative % Weight of STAR Measure Types
McKinsey & Co, New STAR ratings for Medicare Advantage
prioritize customer experience, October
Improve Star Ratings

Quickly Implement a comprehensive solution that provides your members with healthy meals and personalized digital health that activates healthy habits at home.

High Retention for High Risk Members
  • 97% benefit retention,

  • 99.8% successful support response, high benefit satisfaction

Enrollment Higher For Higher Risk Members
Impact Across Age Groups
Increase Your ROI across age groups

Improve overall health and lower costs through:

  • Healthier eating

  • Engaged health management

  • Reduction of risk

Differentiate Your MA Plan
  • Member Experience is key!

  • Make Healthrageous part of your MA supplemental offering. Let's discuss details and pricing now.

77% of Seniors Say Most Enjoyable Activity is Eating a Healthy Meal
Health related Activities Medicare Seniors Enjoy
Survey of 2000+ Medicare & Medicaid Beneficiaries by Morris Meals, 2020

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