Made Easy Meals

Healthy Meals PLUS
Digital Engagement

Nudge Patients to healthier lifestyles by delivering meals and digital engagement that activates healthy living all year along.

Older person holding phone text message updates with Healthrageous
A senior couple eating at the dinner table.

Deliver a experience that activates healthy living for your members

Increase Medicare Advantage Enrollment
Improve Star Ratings
Increase member activation and loyalty
Effective risk adjustment for members


Participation 3X more than initial Medicare Advantage Plan projections


34% response rate on meal surveys


High Satisfaction - 80% satisfaction on meals


Engagement on healthy behaviors - 19% overall click through on action messages.


32% response to Annual Wellness Visit message. 60% of seniors completed a Wellness Visit who did not already have one.

Made Easy Meals Delights Members

Seamless onboarding. Turnkey meal program branded to your plan.

A low-friction, highly personalized, digital engagement experience for members.

Healthy, diabetic and cardio-metabolic meals. Custom meal programs for each benefit type.

Improved connections to your health plan's programs and clinical assets.

Measurable results...because that's what matters.

Healthy Meals Made Easy

Quickly Implement a comprehensive solution that provides your members with healthy meals and personalized digital engagement that activates healthy habits at home.

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